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Sophie Ruttmar Management is small boutique agency specializing in representing a selected number of talents with its focus on quality not quantity. 

Established in 2004 with doors opening on December 19th, its concept primarily originated over night with the idea of an agency that would support and promote talents in a family oriented environment for the Australian/International entertainment industry. Sophie Ruttmar, the administrator and agent, has been supporting and promoting her family and her family friends in their craft for over 20 years. 

We are dedicated to provide clients with professionally screened talent and exceptional industry service. Our team endeavour to personally meet client's needs by providing them with an accurate and efficient talent database. Sophie Ruttmar Management is committed in this industry to providing the best personal service to our clients and our talent. 

Sophie would like to have a very close and cordial relationship to the talents she represents and encourages everyone to keep in touch, inform her about the projects they are involved in and to feel free to call or drop in for a chat or just a coffee whenever in the area. She does not want to conduct business the usual way, where the people she represents feel that they cannot talk openly with the agent or cannot make suggestions or ask questions, quite to the contrary. This agency is an ACTORSí AGENCY. Her main aim is to promote and support the people she represents in every respect. 

As we would like to keep the number of talents we represent very limited and we donít want to represent actors with similar characteristics or skills, representation can only be achieved through a strict audition process. This is to protect the current members but also to insure that the standard and quality offered by the agency are secured and maintained throughout.




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