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Geoff Bell

Geoff is a Melbourne lad, he was born in Melbourne and lived there all his life.  He completed his schooling and undertook a science degree at Monash University majoring in immunology and pharmacology, he then went on to do a physiotherapy degree, and worked as a physiotherapist in the public hospital system before starting his own Physiotheapy business specialising in neurological physiotherapy. 

Geoff is married with three kids, when hs is not working or spending time with the family he enjoys landscaping the garden, building furniture, bike rideing or rowing.  In the winter months he is often in the alpine country Nordic skiing across the high planes. 

In the eighties Geoff was involved in the campaign to stop the Franklin River dam being built, he actively campaigned in Melbourne and Tasmania, attended the Franklin River Blockade, which eventually led to the whole area being saved from destruction.  In his role her he was involved in many street theatre campaigns, making of props for various demonstrations including a thirty foot long platypus  called Franklin

HEIGHT: 183cm
WAIST: 92cm