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Iris van Zantop

Iris wanted to become a behaviourist and therefore ignored the callings of the fine arts and studied chemistry and then law. She finished these studies, started smoking and was discovered on stage with a hilarious performance as Phyllis in Merry Christmas. Almost as late as Glen Close and with Judy Dench as a role model, she started her acting studies at the official Theatre Academy, today known as School for Theatre, Music and Dance Zurich. She was trained in speech, movement, improvisation, scene study, theatre theory, singing and acting for the camera. After graduating she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre and Film in Los Angeles. During all her studies she has had the luck to work with some of the best Teachers and directors from Europe and USA and has had training in the methods of Berthold Brecht, Augusto Boal, Peter Brook, Wysewolod Meyerhold, Constantin Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, Keith Johnston, and The Method.

Iris' first ongoing engagement was with the successful Take Five theatre Company, specialised in English Comedy. She also worked for 10 years with the Theatre Ensemble 400asa, famous for avant-gardistic and political theatre all over Europe.


Until 2006 she toured with them and Hob(b)y Hamlet, collecting great reviews at the AUA Festival in Bern, the Theatre Spektakel Zurich, the Gerhard Hauptmann Theatre in Zittau and the Politics in Theatre Festival in Berlin. Her favourite roles include The Queen in The Princess of Burgundy, the role of a revolutionary called Heidi Weber in a rock theatre piece called Red Cross Over from Mass&Fieber, directed and written by Niklaus and Brigitt Helbling and the role of an ex convict in Sophias comeback, TV Film under the direction of Tobias Ineichen. Her work experience as a freelance actress includes classics on small and large stages, contemporary theatre, musicals, dancetheatre, radio plays, commercials, short movies, and minor parts in TV-films. She is great in comedy and in dramatic character work, especially physical and borderline characters. But please don't let her do stand up comedy.