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Piri White

Piri was born in Hungary and fled to Germany at a very young age from where she migrated to Australia with family and little else. Mixing with different nationalities and backgrounds in migrant camps helped Piri develop skills to survive and thrive presenting her with a great ground for impromptu performance and acting.

Being of such diverse background, Piri is fluent in Hungarian and German and a master of various accents such as Hungarian, German, Russian and French.

Piri's artistic career is diverse. It stretches over areas as writer, interviewer and presenter as well as appearing in more commercial productions and TVC such as Yoplait, Camten and Multi-Com but she is probably best known for being the co-producer and presenter in "TV ED" for Channel 7.

A lover of music, Piri sings Hungarian, French and German songs and she is a virtuous adept ofBelly-dancing. She engages in all and everything that has or requires energy, fun and communication skills but above all, the skill to entertain.

She has a strong interest in Psychology, Spirituality and Philosophy and she has spent most of her life helping people select, communicate and achieve their goals.