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Raph Banks

Born in Melbourne, Raph first encountered acting in primary school, realising it was a great way to overcome shyness. One of his first big parts was in “The Wizard of Aus”, part of his end of grade 6 performance. He played the Tinny Man; a giant can of beer. This sort of thing carried on throughout high school, where kept pretty quiet, unless he was on stage. He performed in two or three school productions a year, taking on all sorts of roles, often making use of his natural comic timing. 

Raph has also enjoyed working on short films with friends, completing a film and television short course at the VCA when he was 15. He is also a keen illustrator and will often be found drawing on whatever he can find.

Since he left school in 2008, he has appeared in an Origin Energy commercial, and assisted the production of a few others.  Raph’s easygoing nature and warm smile make an impression, however, he does remain very shy.



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